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6 Fool-Proof Ways to Keep Parramatta Hotel Fire-Proof

Hotel accidents are not uncommon throughout Australia, and these accidents have resulted in millions of dollars and hundreds of innocent lives. Accidents in the workplace can be from simple trip and fall mishaps to larger and more serious accidents like fire.

Workplace fires can unfortunately happen to any business establishment but they can be prevented if proper safety and preventive measures are implemented. If you are a business owner, regardless whether your business is small or established, you have to pay extra attention to workplace safety.

Operating a Parramatta hotel is already a handful of a job, much more keeping it afloat. In order to ensure your business is safe from any problematic and major accidents like fire, you must place workplace safety into pedestal. Below are some simple yet very efficient ways to help you do just that.

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  1. Place everything in the right place – It is a must that your office practice good workplace housekeeping. The office items should be placed in their proper places in order to avoid any minor and major accidents. This means placing potentially hazardous or flammable materials like paint, gasoline, mineral spirits, and ethanol in cool and dry storage area.
  1. Keep electrical equipment well maintained – One of the most common causes of workplace fires is electrical malfunction. In order to effectively prevent fire in the workplace, it is strongly recommended to check electrical equipment and industrial equipment regularly for any sign of malfunction. Properly maintain such equipment pieces not only to ensure their functionality but also safety. It is also a must to have the electrical systems in your office checked by professionals in order to detect issues way before they cause an accident.
  1. Keep security in the establishment tight – While workplace fires due to arson are relatively rare in the country, you cannot discount the fact that it may happen to your Parramatta hotel. In order to avoid this from happening, you may want to keep the security in your establishment tight and progressive. You may want to install security cameras in your building or hire professional security personnel to ensure everyone’s safety.
  1. Don’t smoke in the building – Smoking cigarettes inside the building can result in devastating consequences. There are cases of workplace fires that resulted from lit cigarettes. Make it to a point that your office implements zero tolerance for smoking. Ensure that every employee knows that the company has strict policy on smoking. You may also want to impose penalties to employees who smoke inside the building premises to further promote fire prevention.
  1. Train employees – Your employees should be trained on how to act on emergency situations like fire. They should know how to properly operate simple fire-fighting equipment like fire extinguisher or fire hose. Furthermore, training will help them be more calm and sound-minded in case of fire, reducing chances of fatal injuries. It would also be helpful to schedule fire drills to reenact real scenarios in emergency situations.
  1. Invest on quality fire prevention system – In addition to smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and alarms, your business should also invest on quality fire prevention systems like fire pumps. Your office’s fire sprinkler system should always be in good working condition in order to prevent significant damage and loss of lives in case of workplace fire. Hence, in order to ensure the effectiveness of your fire sprinkler system, invest on quality fire pumps.

You can ensure everyone’s safety in the workplace by implementing strict guidelines regarding fire prevention. By following the mentioned steps, you can save your company from millions of income losses and most of all, the lives of your employees.