Visitor’s Visa to Canada: Everything You Need to Know

A visit to Canada is a dream for many of you. It’s picturesque beauty, amazing tourist spots, food and what not attracts like millions of people. Visiting Canada means you would be requiring a visitor’s visa to survive and enjoy the place. Mind you, visitors are tourists, students from outside Canada or people with work permits and not the permanent residents of Canada. Before packing your bags for Canada, get yourself issued a Temporary Resident Visa. Read on to know more about visitors to Canada visa.

What is Temporary Resident Visa?

Known to be a very important document issued by the Immigration Visa Office of Canada, it clarifies that the person boarding to Canada has fulfilled all the requirements and is safely eligible to visit Canada.

Types Of Temporary Resident Visitor’s Visa

TRV’s are of two types:

  1. Single Entry: This kind of visa allows a one-time stay in Canada and once you leave, you will have to apply for a new one again.
  2. Multiple Entry: Gives you the flexibility to visit Canada for six months at a time whenever you come.

Things to Keep in mind

  1. You might not be considered eligible for the visit to Canada if you have any serious medical issues. A person with a criminal record has strictly prohibited an entry in that country.
  2. You must have a good financial status to prove that you can afford a stay there.
  3. Apart from the documents and your assets, what they will actually judge is your moral character.
  4. Have a polite and decent tone. You got to convince the Immigration officer that you will leave Canada soon before your visa expires.

Applying For Visa

Here are a few points on how to apply for a visa in Canada. Read them carefully. You can apply for the visa in both ways, that is, you can apply it online or submit it in person.

  1. Visit visa application: You need to first apply for a visit visa application form. Feel relaxed, go through everything and fill it up. Submit it to a very responsible officer of Immigration Visa Officer in your country.
  2. Get set for the interview: After going through your form, you will have to get yourself summoned up in front of the visa officer since he will be questioning you like,
  • Why are you visiting Canada?
  • Will you be able to handle the expenses in Canada?
  • Your reasons to visit Canada

Answer everything honestly and politely. Each and every answer of yours will be carefully evaluated.

  1. Welcome to Canada: If satisfied by your interview, you will have your TRV made and you can visit this beautiful place. It will be at the port that you will be again questioned on your admissibility.

Hopefully, you get enough ideas about visa to visit Canada. Whether you are planning to spend your vacation there or you want to work there while traveling the country, you should follow all the guidelines to make your traveling exciting there.