The god almighty has created this world, and he has made every inch of it beautiful in its own way. From mountains to beaches, every nook and corner of this world glows with an individual sheen. We have often seen people quarrel between beaches and mountains, trying hard to decide which one is better. They may reach a just end to their quarrels, but honestly, both of them have their own beauty inscribed. Mountains are for a bit of peace and tranquility, with not much people around, listening to the chirping of the birds and the hustling of the trees. Beaches on the other hand, are for restless souls, coming and going back and forth, over and over again. But one cannot simply deny that both of them are majestically beautiful.

If you are planning to have a date, and you have a thing for beaches, then you can enjoy the most majestic date at the Myrtle beach. Sharkey’s presents you with a wonderful restaurant right at the Myrtle beach for you to enjoy. The most special thing about this restaurant is the setting you’re gonna get, with the fierce ocean beside you, coming in and going back through a repeated rhythm.

BEST THING ABOUT SHARKEY’S: The best thing about Sharkey’s is undoubtedly the ambience that you’re gonna get to enjoy here. With the beautiful ocean right beside you, nothing would ever seem so very special. But you can also enjoy amazing cuisine and scrumptious food along with the breathtaking view.

The restaurant is owned by Kenny Nandwani, who was set on building a restaurant that is special at all fronts. On seeing this location, he felt that this would be the ideal place for him to build his dream restaurant. This place has acquired a certain name for itself, particularly for the famous seafood and the frozen drinks. The fish taco is one of the most popular delicacy available in this restaurant. Other than that, you can find interesting and extremely delicious cocktails and other frozen drinks which you complete your special evening.

The head chef of this restaurant is Lenny Edwards, a well-known name amongst the locals, He has been in this business for well over twenty years and is famous for his amazing expertise and grasp on the cuisine served at this restaurant.  Having a chef who is trained and has had great experience in this field, makes this not only a trustworthy place to enjoy your meal, but also a place where you won’t have to worry about experimenting with new dishes, cause after all you’re in adept hands.

If you still have any doubts regarding this restaurant, you can check out their official page and see the ratings and reviews given by satisfied customers and then make your final call.