The Best Three Places Worth Engaging In Indonesia

Indonesia has always been a land of many things- talk of wildlife, heritage, nature, culture, beaches and much more. If you are planning a vacation in the country any time soon, it is wise to know where to visit, mainly because there are just too many things that can be enjoyed here, and just one week or less is not enough to cover it all. It is wise to take note that there are no winters and summers here- The weather is either rainy or dry, and in both kinds of atmosphere, the country demands a visit. Take a check on some of the best places in Indonesia along with reasons to visit each.

A long weekend at Bali

From a special spa treatment and beach tanning session to checking the age old temples, there is plenty that one can do in Bali. Counted as the most frequented destination in Indonesia, Bali has great cultural heritage and many Hindu temples, despite the country being Muslim majority. The resorts and hotels in Bali aren’t really expensive, unless you are willing to splurge, which means there is plenty for all budgets. You can contact professional travel agents, who can give a good deal for the entire trip.

Trip to Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park consists of three islands, namely Padar, Komodo and Rinca. The park is a declared World Heritage Site and home to the largest alive lizard on the planet, known as the Komodo dragon. There are no motorways on the islands, but you will have guided tours of Komodo and Rinca, and it is advisable to stay close to the guide because the lizards can be unpredictable. This is also a trekker’s paradise, and using a kayak, one can also reach inaccessible areas. Ensure that you have a good pair of hiking shoes because trekking can be fun here, and in Sumatra, which is the next destination on the list.

Engaging world of Sumatra

Sumatra is unique in its own ways, mainly because this island is prone to natural calamities and yet it is the home to one of the diverse ecosystems in the world. From the active volcanoes, Lake Toba to the jungles and beyond, the island fascinates one and all. There are great trails that make for a good trip, so backpackers will find this place worth all the attention. Make sure to taste the local cuisine, although the spices can be hard on those who haven’t been familiar to local food. You can also choose to head to Pulau Weh, where you have a fantastic beach and some of the best diving chances in the country. Jakarta is not on this list because that’s the capital with all the crowded buildings. It is most likely that you will come all the way to these destinations from the capital city, and if you are in Jakarta, make sure to enjoy a fun shopping trip. The street markets of the Indonesia’s largest city offers ample choices for clothing, souvenirs and more.