Three of the Best Holiday Destinations in Australia

Australia is actually a continent as well as a country, which gives you some idea of its sheer size. The tropical north is virtually a different world from the coastal areas in the south, and with a diverse culture and tons of unique wildlife, it is fast becoming the favourite country to holiday for thousands of families. With so much to choose from, working out how best to spend your three weeks can seem a little daunting, and with that in mind, here are three of the most popular destinations in Australia.

  1. Western Australia – The largest state in Australia, WA has many attractions for the tourist, with Perth, the capital city, offering an ideal base from which to explore on daily trips. The best way to see any state in Australia is to hire a campervan, and there is campervan rental in Brisbane, Perth, or any other major city. Online solutions make for an easy booking and you can have the perfect vehicle waiting for you at the airport, before heading off to explore the wonders of Western Australia. The wineries of Swan Valley are second to none, and you can spend a few days touring the various vineyards and sampling some of the best wine Australia has to offer. Perth deserves at least two days, with many interesting places to see, and some of the best shopping, you can buy all your souvenirs here.

  1. Queensland – Brisbane, the capital, is the ideal place to start your self-driving holiday, and with the Sunshine Coast a few miles away, you have the ideal beach environment. If you are flying in, there is affordable campervan rental in Brisbane, where you can collect the vehicle at the airport, for a smooth transit, and with everything you need on board, you and your family are free to explore the many attractions that Queensland has to offer. After spending a day in Brisbane, head off to the Sunshine Coast and you can experience the best of water sports, with a range of unique cuisines at some attractive venues.
  1. The Northern Territories –This is the central, northern part of the country, with Darwin as the capital city, and this is the region to visit if you like the tropics. There are very remote areas in the outback, and with the famous Ayres Rock in this state, it makes for an interesting location to explore the rugged landscapes. There are spectacular national parks that offer great hiking trails, and if you are interested in fauna and wildlife, this is the state for you. You would need the right campervan for some of the remote routes, whether you are looking for campervan rental in Brisbane or Darwin, an online search will reveal a reputable hire company who would have a range of vehicles at affordable prices.

The best way to see Australia is by taking a self-driving holiday, and with modern motorhomes, you and your family will have a memorable experience.