The Benefits of Car Rentals for Large Groups

Many groups of five or fewer can easily find a spacious rental car and travel to their destination in one trip. However, larger groups have difficulty finding a rental car because many rental companies do not offer a large enough vehicle.

Several companies do recognise the many benefits of renting to large groups, and they offer them options to reduce their next trip’s travel costs. Whether you need to get on the road for a holiday or to visit family, you should not have to bring more than one car along for the ride. The added savings of fitting everyone comfortably into one vehicle should allow room in the budget for more exciting activities and attractions.

Because petrol prices across Australia are still far too high for comfort, reducing the travel vehicles to just one can significantly decrease your travel cost. Between 85 and 90% of travellers choose to drive, while only as much as 15% decide to take a flight, train, or boat. Therefore, driving is often the far more cost-effective option though petrol prices are higher.

To cut prices down even more, you need to look for a company offering 7 seater car hire in Perth. Such companies not only offer rental vehicles in beautiful condition, but also provide low and affordable rental fees.

Lower Prices

As rental cars become more available to travellers, their prices become more competitive. As with any product or service, higher demand creates more companies looking to cash in their income and succeed. This is always beneficial for you as the consumer, because added competition has dropped the average price of renting a car by well over $100 in just three years.

While additional fees, such as taxes and surcharges, increase the price by 40%, they still leave you with more money following your purchase than other options. In short, you stand to save money by driving one vehicle and during the hiring process as well.

Purpose Driven

Larger vehicles have ample space for storing luggage, food, and other necessities. Most people who hire a vehicle of this size want to reach their destination as quickly as possible, and driving can significantly reduce your expenses and limit your costs to petrol. For those on a mission to get from one point to another, bringing along snacks, drinks, and other fuel can reduce the amount of stops taken and reduce costs during the trip. If you play your cards correctly and stay inside your budget, you can take a trip stretching halfway across Australia for a fraction of the cost associated with other transportation services.

Wear and Tear

Each time you travel a distance in your car, you not only reduce the amount of petrol but also put wear and tear on the overall structure. Tires, the engine, brakes, and more are used every time you turn the key and drive from one place to another. Thus, taking a long road trip can be quite hard on your car and can lead to necessary repairs in the future.