Save More and Stress Less This Vacation in Bali

 Holidays are the leisure time to devoted to your family and kids. Trust me, you are not the only one to feel this way, we all need a break from work and chill out a bit. But why Bali? Bali is one of the most beautiful islands you will ever visit. Sometimes holidays can get costly as you spend money on flights, accommodation, transport and shopping. But in Bali it’s different. Check out to know more, because at the end of the day you will still be able to have an amazing time on a budget. 

  • The New You

Roaming around Bali in scorching heat and humid climate can make your hair dull and dry due to continuous exposure to UV rays and if you take a dip into the sea then the salty water will surely make your hair rough. But holidays are to enjoy not to restrict yourself especially when the crystal clear ocean water is so tempting. It’s very difficult to control the urge. As the old saying goes “Prevention Is Better Than Cure,” so before you start your holiday, visit AMO Spa the best hair salon in Bali and make your hair environment-friendly with deep conditioning and moisturizing. It will prevent your hair from getting damaged. The hair spa will keep your hair healthy and strong. Feel good, feel new and start your vacation without a single worry.

  • A Delightful Meal for Your Tummy

Canggu is a calm spot on the south coast of Bali famous for the lush green rice paddies and its beaches, where you’ll find people enjoying some time in the sun, catching some waves or watching the sunset. After you have had your share of enjoyment you need some fuel to get going. Looking for a place to have a meal? It is difficult to choose from so many restaurants, especially when you are a first-time visitor. If you are really looking for some delicious meal and awesome drinks head towards AMO Spa Restaurant Canggu. What makes this restaurant stand out from others? It’s the ingredients used to prepare the food. The herbs, spices and fruits are grown in-house making it the most reliable place for a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks.

  • Live It Up On a Quad Bike

Experience all the fun of the island on a Bali quad bike. If you are not an early bird, book your tickets for evening fun. Bali Island ATV has Sunset tour for 1-hour and 2-hours. As per your time constraints, you can go with either of the two and enjoy watching the sunset at YehGangga Beach. The evenings are cool and you will love the trip to rice fields, cliff tops, and local villages. The trip ends with an Aussie barbeque sausage sizzle. The tour package comes with international standard safety equipment and guides, insurance, soft drinks, pick-up and return transfer to and from your hotel. You can even collect drone video footage of the whole trip at the end of your tour.

  • Your Personal Castle

Ever dreamt of living in a castle? I just kick-started your childhood dream. Don’t worry because Hu’u villas will make all your dreams come true. No, you won’t get to stay in a dome-shaped building but you will get to stay in luxury. As soon as you step into the villa, the staff will be ready to greet you with a glass of delicious cocktail in their hand. You will be escorted to your room and your luggage will reach you in no time. Rent a 3 bedroom villa Seminyak and enjoy all the comfort and style you have dreamt off. The villa has 12-meter swimming pool, complimentary Wi-Fi, a VIP pass to the famous Sea Vu Play restaurant, free pass to Finns club where you can engage yourself in sports activities and there are a lot of fun games and water park for both adult and children.

  • Villas inSeminyak

If you wish to stay in the upmarket area of Bali, choose villas Seminyak. The villas are located a short walk from the main areas, so you can easily start your day on foot, without worrying about the traffic. Have your morning breakfast in the villa and head towards the main street to shop at the designer boutiques, have your lunch in on ‘Eat Street,’ the famous food street of Seminyak where you can taste International cuisines from all around the world. Hit the party clubs or bars in the evening or head towards Seminyak beach to join the party crowd. Grab a drink from the beach bar and enjoy the warm tropical breeze that slowly converts to a cool one as night approaches.

  • Experience Bali’s Stunning Nature

Watch the cascading waterfalls in Bali’s stunning countryside. Take some time out of your schedule and book a slot with Bali Tours and More to visit some of the astonishing Bali waterfalls. There are a number to choose from – some close to the road, other’s requiring more of a walk to get to, but believe us when we say the views you’ll be rewarded with are worth the effort!

Other activities for you to enjoy in Bali include:

Explore the wondrous world under the waves with some scuba diving.

Bali Diving

It’s time to leave the sun lounger and get active with some watersports!

Bali Water Sports

Ride through the Bali countryside on an elephant.

View Bali from a whole different angle with a helicopter tour.

Helicopter Bali

  • Stay Next to a Beach

If the sole purpose of your visit to Bali is to stay next to a beach that is less crowded, then Seminyak is the best destination for you. Bali Hotels and More have a range of Hotels in Seminyak Bali on the beach that will give you a charming view of the sea from your room. Seminyak beach is less crowded as compared to Kuta, so you can spend all day long bathing in sunlight and relaxing. If the afternoon heat is too much for you, head towards your air-conditioned hotel room or hit the bar to grab a cold beer. Enjoy the evening cool breeze while walking in the pedestrian area that surrounds the beachfront and watch the sun slowly dip into the sea. Join the night beach party and dance at the live music of DJs.

How to choose a camping trailer for rental

If you are fond of camping with your friends, family or group of couples then the best option is camping trailer rental. It will make it super easy to keep all your luggage and stuff organized and also make camping comfortable for you. These trailers are available in multiple sizes and floor plan options according to budget and comfort level choice. Choose a camping trailer rental that will offer a simple and straightforward approach while providing rentals. The vehicle to be chosen must be in good condition, clean, well-maintained, has a good towing capacity, has enough capacity for persons travelling, has an electric brake and comfortable. There are several websites that provide such rental services such as where you can rent camping trailer easily.

choose a camping trailer

 “chemorv” offers three travel trailer units for rental:

  1. Air Tracer 244
  2. Catalina SBX 261 BHS
  3. Tracer 2727 BDH

How to choose a camping trailer for rental purpose –

  1. Analyze your needs – while planning your camping trip and looking to rent out a camping trailer you must know how often you will be using the trailer and where you will be camping. This will help you choose the best trailer that will suit your needs. If you are camping during summer then a less expensive and lightweight trailer with tent-style pop- out walls can be appropriate rather than a 4-season camper trailer with a heavy insulation and high cost.
  2. Check your priorities – Note down your priorities for the trailer in a paper and then look out for the options in the trailer which you are looking to rent. Most common things to look out are the model of the vehicle, kitchen, bathroom style etc. If you have a large family then you might choose to rent a fifth wheel trailer with a separate bunkhouse and bathroom while if you are a couple then only a standard trailer is enough. If you prefer a rugged style then small pop up camping trailer can be enough for a short trip.
  3. Check the towing capacity – ask your rental provider about the amount of weight that the vehicle can safely tow. Mostly a fifth wheel trailer which has a gooseneck hitch can tow up to 3/4 ton or 1 ton which the pop up one has a relatively smaller capacity.
  4. Look at the budget – Compare the pricing of several rental providers and also how you will pay for the vehicle rental. You must choose a vehicle that suits your comfort as well as budget. But make sure that you do not get a used and old vehicle just for a bargain deal.
  5. Research well – Search on the internet for various camping trailer rental providers and their services and facilities that they offer. You can research online or take references from friends and family.

These are the basic things to look out for while choosing an ideal camping trailer that will make your journey comfortable and memorable too.

resorts in Orlando online

Enjoy the holidays at the resorts in Orlando online

The best of holidays can be managed by moving to Orlando with providing Locations which are unique with its service and ambiance across Spain and Florida. You can surely find the fountains resorts Orlando online serving with holiday accommodations provided at the most exclusive destination. This started on with serving world class luxurious and comforting facilities at an attractive and affordable price range. It’s the pleasure of the fountain resort to provide with innovative and excellent family vacation rentals at the fountain resort Orlando family holiday homes with established villas and resorts at the destination with specialties like lagoons and swimming pools and natural scenery.

fountain resort at Orlando

The basic attraction is our ambiance and the provisions we provide with our family based entertaining holiday packages at affordable resorts, villas and vacational villas. It’s providing you with a smooth and hassle free vacation at Florida. We give you the perfect information’s with the places to visit at Spain and Florida and we also provide tourist guide to you. You can take the pleasure of the theme parks, the cuisines, and refreshment with spas, enjoy at water parks and many more. This is going to be a perfect destination to travel during holidays and enjoy the time.

The fountain resort at Orlando is providing with open air cooking with fresh veggies and substituent’s, we also provide with music and Blenheim suite with doors to balcony area for an over looking to the pool and lake. In our family vacation villas we also provide with suits and even with great and comfortable furnishings. We have open space from where you can view the sun rise and sun set over the lake area. We have cinema halls inside the holiday and vacational destinations where you can enjoy the movies and entertain yourself. Here you do not need to take any hassle to wash your clothes as well. We have laundry services with washers, dryers, sinks and irons that give you the perfect service.

Specifically we have got the ascot suite with a queen bed, desk and arm chairs and the Sandringham suite with electric beds, doors to pool and outdoor fire lace. And for family vacation trips we have family living room with 60 inch LCD television and even the grand Versailles suite with huge bathroom, dressing room that is around 74 ft long in total.


Come to Florida and Spain and enjoy your holidays with your family and beloved ones in a vacation without any vain. Enjoy our service at thebest and lowest price that will be the best memory throughout and you would love to come to us.