Making an idea about the Permanent Resident Canada Processing Time

Getting the best info about permanent resident Canada processing time is important while making a stay in this part of the world. You apply for the same and you check the processing time to know when you would get the card in hand. Most of the potential Canadian residents have the common question to ask how long will it take for the PR card to get processed. Putting together all data you would like to know about the processing time of immigration. In matters of Canadian immigration, it is important to know about the processing time taken by the authorities.

Comprehending the Processing Time

There is the process for Canadian PR visa. The time taken by the IRCC is from the day when they receive the application till the date when they decide for the same. However, the processing time of the visa will not include the time taken for submitting an expression of interest and receive the invitation for applying. They will not even count the time needed to prepare the documents, to make a submission of the application, or mailing and sending the final visa, status cards, permits and the rest. In fact, this is just the time counted for processing the actual card.

Factors Affecting the Processing Time

There are the factors affecting the processing time of the visa card. First is the country of residence. However, the IRCC processing time can vary based on the person’s country of residence. Before the time 2015, the processing time for the various services should be displayed based on the location of the visa office. These days the applications are moved around the kind of global network of the online visa office which is near at hand. The online shifting of the documents is sure to take lesser time. However, the processing time and the quality are designed best for the effective processing of the visa.

Reasons for Delay

The permanent resident Canada processing time also depends on the type of application being submitted. However, the processing time for different visa and permits may vary. The nature of the application and even the number of candidates being processed as part of the category can affect the processing time of the application. However, in case a single program receives more application it will take longer for things to get processed. In case, the application form is incomplete the IRCC will refuse the applicant then and there. IRCC can request for more data and this can cause the significant delay of the process.

Estimating the Time

Here is the full proof process for Canadian PR visa. You should go through some of the most popular streams and this will help you make an idea regarding the approximate processing time. However, any processing time cannot be guaranteed. You can just make an estimation of the time taken. However, most times are based on the IRCC’s Average Processing Time. This has been stated on 4rth January 2018. It is important for you to note that the processing times will depend on whether the submission of the application was done electronically by making use of the online procedure.