The Best Private Pool Villas in Phuketwith Ocean View

Recommended option for world class traveller

Close to the Andaman Sea, Phuket is an icon of third heaven for a person who would like to pursue a peaceful vacation. It keeps a beauty of underwater environment with fresh blue water, coral reef, and fisheries. Above the hill, it is built impressive Private Pool Villas inPhuket to accommodate traveller who want to enjoy moment of sunrise and sunset coming through the beach horizon.

One of the main villas, Trisara, offers various types of villas and residence with complete facilities, designed for international traveller. One of best accommodation is a junior suite which is perfect option for a couple. If you visit Phuket with a group of people like in a family, then you might choose residential villa. This residence type could be occupied by more than 4 people, available from 2 bedrooms up to 8 bedrooms.

Junior Suite with Ocean View Pool

First option of Private Pool Villas in Phuket is for couple choice, Junior Suite. This suite has one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and a private pool. Two lounge chair in front of the pool and one pavilion could help you enjoy the most of your time with your couple.

Residential Villas

These villas offer various types of space, starting from 2 bedrooms until 8 bedrooms. If you travel with a small family, then it is preferred to have 2 bedrooms. The 2 bedrooms villa is facilitated with one kitchen, one living room, bathrooms and one private pool. You will have an amazing ocean view private pool with a deck and shower tools.

The residential villas offer the accommodation facilities up to 8 bedrooms. For 7 bedrooms residence, it could be occupied by 14 adults and 10 children. Additional extra bed is available in this residence type, so you can freely add more people in the room. Kitchen is served by a traditional Thai cuisine chef, and then you could order your preference food, such as delicious seafood fresh from Andaman Sea.

Residential building for two bedrooms and three bedrooms designed with one floor only, while the residence with 4 bedrooms and more are designed with 2 levels of floors which are connected with a private elevator. In the 2 floor residence, you will have 2 swimming pools, one for each level. Open space concept and private pavilion make it become spacer and could be a cool place for small gathering event with your family.

Other Supporting Facilities

Supporting facilities such as fitness center, kids play ground and breakfast venue are also available here. Sometimes there is a cooking class for the visitor, you can register and join it for free. Watersport facilities such as equipment for snorkeling, kayak and diving are provided upon request.