7 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the wonderful states in India. It has richness of historical forts, monuments, wildlife, palaces and bazaars. This state is the land of Maharajas and you can feel it too by staying in royal palaces which has converted to hotels and resorts. Know here about the 7 best places to visit in Rajasthan.

1. Pushkar

Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan with over 400 temples around it and a lake that according to legend was created by petals that fell from the hands of God Brahma. It is a beautiful city to feel the Rajasthan with colorful and characteristic bazaars, live temples where the devout population shares moments of faith and ghats full of pilgrims who seek a purifying bath. In the months of October and November, the city gains a new life when it hosts the annual Camel Fair which attracts sellers and buyers from all over Rajasthan.

2. Udaipur

The city of Udaipur is often one of the cities that most enchant visitors to Rajasthan. Passion is easy and Lake Pichola serves as a backdrop for a collection of palaces, havelis, temples and bazaars. The City Palace is one of the most beautiful in Rajasthan and The Lake Palace is magnificent and incredibly romantic. Udaipur is probably the best city in Rajasthan to feel like a true Maharaja since you can stay in the traditional havelis which restored and overlooking the lake and the palaces of the city and feel within a romantic setting every day.

3. Bundi

Bundi is the most precious pearl of Rajasthan. Bundi is a small town west of Udaipur that retains the most beautiful and extraordinary fortress palace of Rajasthan. Its interior has the most beautiful and best preserved paintings you can see with magenta frescoes, done in bright colors, dominating the blues and greens. There are rooms with gold-plated paintings that leave any visitor speechless. Bundi has everything you can look for in Rajasthan, friendliness, hospitality and tranquility. In addition to the city palace, there are others by the Naval Sagar lake as well as temples, stairwells and a beautiful blue-washed old town that rivals Jodhpur. You can see here the most extraordinary places to visit in Bundi. Look for good accommodation but do not miss the opportunity to stay with the best view of the fort if you have rooms available at this hotel.

4. Bikaner

Bikaner is one of the less visited cities of Rajasthan but one of the most worthy of a visit. Walls soaring with the Thar Desert, Bikaner’s roads are divided by rickshaws, motorbikes, cars and camel-drawn wagons. With a magnificent fort, well preserved and maintained, Bikaner has an excellent old town with streets full of havelis, beautiful Jain and Hindu temples and even a camel research center. A few kilometers from the city is the Temple of the Rats – one of the biggest cultural shocks in India but worth a visit.

5. Ranakpur

Ranakpur is one of the most important cities for the Jains since it is here that is the magnificent Temple of Adinath in a complex of temples. This 1444-pillar marble temple is an architectural gem different from anything you can see in Rajasthan. The temple impresses but for the visit there is to have attention since they are very strict in the entrance.

6. Kumbhalgarh

The walls of the Kumbhalgarh fort still impress before we get there. Serpent for tens of kilometers the mountains ending in a towering fort surrounded by Hindu, Jain temples and rainforest. Most of the population visit Kumbhalgarh from Udaipur which was also what we did but the ideal is to stay there since it takes quite some time to explore the fort, temples and palaces of the city.

7. Ajmer

Ajmer is one of the most important Muslim cities in Rajasthan as a result of the presence of the Dargah Sharif Shrine. This is a Muslim religious complex with tombs, marble mosques and bazaars. But there is more to explore in Ajmer, such as the Two and Half Day Hut, the literal translation of Adhai Din ka Jhonpra, a complex of ruined mosques, Nasiyan Temple, Rajasthan Museum, Anasagar Lake and Fort of Taragarh.