Matrix Airfare Search for finding Cheap Flights

Matrix Airfare Search for finding Cheap Flights

It is totally correct that this is the legacy product but it is still very much powerful flight search engine tool which can be used for the fare comparison of shopping. The interface is very simple to use. There is no presence of the pop-up anywhere for distracting you from the searches. It is not influenced in any way by any commercial airline or the travel agency. It will give you the unbiased result set that can be used for research for finding the best and cheapest available flights.

Effectively using the Google Matrix Airfare Search

Follow the given steps below:

You have to choose from the trip like Round or one-way. There is also the option given for the Multi-city trip

  1. Departure City

You can pick the airport of your choice. You have to enter the country first, then drop down will appear with all the available options of airports in the cities within the country.

  1. Destination City

This is having the same concept as present above in Departure City

  1. Advanced Routing Codes

This is the best feature of the google flight matrix which is not available on other flights search engines. If you are familiar with the routing codes then you can use this to do the things like excluding the red-eye or the overnight stops or also you can avoid the specific airport on the search result page. This section is optional. If you are not entering anything here, then ITA Matrix software will display everything which is available.

Matrix Airfare Search for finding Cheap Flights

  1. Dates

Some People are always flexible with their travel, so they can pick the calendar for the lowest fares and get the cheapest possible tickets.

  1. Outbound/Departure Date

Enter the specific requires dates but also use the flexible fare calendar so that it can be narrow down to the cheapest available fares.

  1. Return/Arrival Date

Enter the specific dates but also make use of the flexible fare calendar so that it can be narrow down to the cheapest available fares.

  1. Number of Adults

It is self-explanatory.

  1. Cabin Type

Enter the cabin of your choice like Economy, Business Class, and First Class etc.

  1. Stops

Indicate this if you want the non-stop flight or a maximum number of stops you are willing to have. Make a note that the cheaper flights are having multiple stops while non-stop flights are more expensive.

  1. Extra Stops

This is the field where you can indicate the additional number of stops which you are willing to accept past the number of stops which are stated in the #10 above. For example, if you are picking the non-stop, then if you set this value to 1 then it will return only the non-stop flights and the 1-stops.