Two Breathtaking Places To Visit On Your Next Camping Trip

Two Breathtaking Places To Visit On Your Next Camping Trip

If you love camping, then you must be researching the places to visit soon on your next camping trips. There are so many campgrounds that you can visit. Sometimes it is refreshing to just indulge yourself in the luxury of being one with nature. You might have plans in mind, but there are two state parks that you should never leave out on your list: Larrabee State Park, and the Camano Island State Park.

Larrabee State Park

If you want to experience a Pacific Northwest treat, then you should visit the Larrabee State Park. This is about 80 miles north of Seattle with 2,748 acres of camping site and an 8,100 feet beach – the Samish Bay. In fact, this is the very first state park that became popular because of its postcard views both of the Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands.

Here you can spend the entire day exploring the beautiful views and enjoy the stars at night in their campsites. Even though the most visited site in Larrabee is its coastline, you can also enjoy freshwater at the lakes where you can trout fishing. If you do not want to spend the night, you can also bring your family or friends with you and have a picnic while enjoying the breathtaking views.

Camano Island State Park

Do you prefer the mountains? The beach? If you want to visit both, then you should set your next camping trip to Camano Island State Park. Here, you will get the best of both worlds because you do not only get to enjoy the campground but also get to have a dip in the Cama Beach.

Camano Island State Park

The state park is 68 miles northwest of Seattle and has 173 acres of recreational area with a 1-mile rocky beach shore. If you are lucky, you can even spot some whales and eagles on the protected areas. You can also take a walk at the trails that will let you visit the dense forests which will lead you down to the beach.

What Every Camper Should Have 

Now that you have these two places to visit, make sure that you are packed with all of your camping “must haves.” Here are some of the things that you should have with you while you head to Larrabee State Park or Camano Island State Park:

  • Tent and Sleeping Bags. Even if you bring your camper van, or if there are walk-in camps, it would be best if you bring these two with you to have the best camping experience.
  • Cooking And Eating Utensils. It is important that you bring what you need to have especially if you are staying overnight or for a couple of days.
  • First Aid Kit. Minor accidents are inevitable, especially when you are outdoors. Ensure that you have a complete first aid kit and should have wound dressing kits, antiseptics, allergy medications, and also mosquito and bug repellents.
  • Even though you know where to go, it still pays to be ready so always have your maps with you.

Camping is fun, especially if you do this with your family or friends. If you think that you have already visited quite a lot of places, there’s more! Just make sure that you know where to go and you have everything you need for a better camping experience.