Disney Park

The Basic Disney Packing List

Disney World is our ultimate travel destination and we wouldn’t want to ruin it with packing mishaps. There are so many things to enjoy in the Disney World and one of the easiest ways to avoid the stress of missing the fun because of not being able to bring your cameras, overlooking your travel documents, medications, extra clothing items for water park adventures and other mishaps we usually encounter, is by following this basic Disney packing list.

With that in mind, here are the essential items necessary for you to have the best Disney trip this summer.


Always brings your passport and other valid identification with you. Some parks and activities might find the need to validate your ID with your tickets and passes.

Money, Travel Documents and Directions:

Although most business transactions can be done with the use of credit cards and other modes of electronic payments, it is always a wise idea to carry some cash in case of card and electronic payment malfunctions. This could also save you in case your cardholder gets lost or stolen. Your travel documents can be stored electronically but if you have hard copies, consider bringing them as well. Travel documents include park tickets, airline tickets, hotel confirmation, restaurant reservations, guidebooks, and itinerary. As for directions, make sure that you have the complete name and address of your destinations. It also helps if you save some contact person in case you get lost.


Disney Magic Band and Tickets:

Never leave your magic bands, tickets, and reservations. These give you access to the different parks and activities you paid in advance.

Day pack:

Bringing day pack or small backpacks is often overlooked and you would not want to be bringing your luggage all day. One of the essentials in your packing list is a day pack just big enough for the basic things you need in the Disney World. Remember that you would be carrying this bag all day, even during rides. Make sure to use lightweight and uncomplicated bags.

Cellular phones and Cameras:

Cellular phones and cameras are valuable tools in your travel. We use them for communication, for capturing memories, directions, music, and other entertainment.

Portable battery charger or power bank:

With all the activities that we do on our phones and cameras, it is easy to drain the devices’ batteries that are why it is essential for you to bring portable chargers and power banks.

Extra clothing items:

Depending on the activities on our list, you would certainly need to change clothes especially if you go to water parks.

Umbrellas, raincoats, sunscreen, and sunglasses:

In packing for Disney, consider the specific items you need depending on the weather. It is safe to bring handy and foldable umbrellas all the time.

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Hong kong travel tips

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