Explore the five boroughs of New York with Bus rental New York

New York has 5 primary county level divisions for administrative activities, which are also referred to as Boroughs.

They are:

  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

Each of the boroughs in New York carries its flair of uniqueness and loads of attractions, entertainment and activities. You can avail bus rental New York services in each of the borough and its neighboring regions at your own comfort and time.

Below is an overview of each of the boroughs that can conveniently be explored at your own pace and ease with a Bus rental New York:


This is also referred to as “The Big Apple”. It is most populated and houses world popular attractions and museums such as Central Park, Times Square, the Met and the Empire State Building.This region also is a home to areas like Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Tribeca. Manhattan is administrative, financial and cultural centre of New York city and also financial, cultural and mediacentre of the world.The majority of the boroughs are located on the Manhattan Island. Other islands of the borough are Liberty Island, Randall’s Island, Roosevelt Island and Wards Island. Marble Hill is also a smaller neighborhood that is included in the borough.


It is situated on Long Island on the western tip across Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. The borough is diverse and highly populated of the 5. This is a centre for independent arts. It is home for modern creatives. It also houses Coney Island which is very popular in Brooklyn along with Bushwick, Dumbo and Williamsburg.It is a social, cultural and ethnic diverse area. It includes Prospect Park and Marine Park which are among the 2 largest parks within Brooklyn. This area has developed into a thriving centre for startup firms of technology and entrepreneurship, design and postmodern art.


This borough is situated to the east of Brooklyn. It has ethnically diverse areas of Long Island within the country. It offers scrumptious Greek food in Astoria or head to Flushing, if you are a sports lover. It is largest borough and historically has a collection of villages and small towns of Dutch.


It is a rising borough with its abundant rich culture and a number of historic claims to popularity. It is referred to as the “cradle of hip hop and rap.” New York Yankees call this the Bronx home. It is the only borough which is a section of US mainland. The borough houses the world’s largest zoo, the Bronx zoo that is spread over 265 acres, residing 6,000 animals. The largest park of New York City, Pelham Bay Park is situated here.


This is the biggest borough with respect to its land size, but possesses the smallest population. This island is situated across the New York Bay when coming from Manhattan. It is ideal for people looking for a peaceful and calm visit. This offers views of Historic Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.The Greenbelt is located in core of Staten Island which spans around 2,500 acres of walking trails and undisturbed forests. The belt also consists of 7 city parks.

Bus rental New York will enable you to explore all these boroughs at leisure and at an affordable price.

Steps involved in starting a Travel Agency

It is a fact that most of the people love to travel around the world and there may be some difficulties that they face when they go abroad where everything is new to them which includes people, language and food, to name a few. In order to get rid of all the hassles involved in traveling, a travel agency is the best choice to assist the people.

A travel agency can help travelers from the beginning to the end of their trip that is they are there to purchase tickets for the transport, book hotel rooms, arrange food and create a time schedule to visit places in their destination.

A few years ago, there were only offline travel agents but now after advancement of the internet, people can find numerous digital travel agencies online. With them, they can purchase tickets as well as choose packages for their trip. Therefore, travel agencies have been becoming extremely popular these days.

If you are willing to start an agency, you have to follow some steps and they are as follows:

  1. The first, as well as the most important step in starting a travel agent business, is, you have to find your niche which you are considering as your comfortable area. When you point to a certain segment of the travel market, you are reducing the competition because many operators are not active in it. Only a few of the agencies have ever experienced this niche market, therefore, their growth is expected.
  2. Making a valuable business plan in order to keep the business on the right path is the next step to begin an agency. When making a plan, you should make a detailed plan, instead of preparing and setting random goals. Also, you should not plan an idea just like that but it must be extremely accurate and worth it. The plan should be made on everything including on the funding requirements and financial projections and it should be in such a way that will avoid all the hurdles.
  3. Planning is followed by the branding of your business as it is important for your travel agency. By creating an attractive webpage design, high-quality logos, and impressive pictures, you can create a positive impact on your online site among people. Branding is not only important for being a good travel agent but also you should fulfill the legal requirements of all the countries and a license is the must need one.
  4. The success of any travel agency mostly relies on its location. So, choose a good place where people visit more often and if you are running online one, you have to build a trustworthy agency.

Once you have done all the steps, then it is time to promote your business.