Visiting Broome in an RV

Broome is a beach resort town located in the Kimberley region of Australia. A unique travel experience awaits as the town lies along the Indian Ocean and features white sands along the 22-kilometre Cable Beach. Camel rides are offered here at sunset. In addition, you can see dinosaur tracks at Gantheaume Point, which is located nearby. Historic Chinatown in Broome, which overlooks Roebuck Bay, is a launching point for cruise operators travelling to local pearl farms.

However, to see this town up close, it is better to rent an RV and travel in this fashion. This exotic pearling town sits at the western portal to the Kimberley Region. Therefore, its culture and history are truly as remarkable as the locale’s landscape.

Top Activities in Broome

Again, riding a camel is one of the activities you can do whilst staying in Broome. Again, rides are regularly scheduled along Cable Beach. Whilst in Broome, stop in Matso’s Brewery, which overlooks Roebuck Bay. The brewery offers such award-winning beers as Smokey Bishop dark lager, Hit the Toad mid-strength, and the brewery’s well-known ginger beer.

You can further learn about the town’s pearling history by visiting the area’s Japanese cemetery. The immaculate resting place features the interments of 900+ pearl divers. Colourful beach rock headstones commemorate this important part of the town’s history.

Hiring a Campervan or RV

Fortunately, it is easy to facilitate a campervan hire in Broome as a mode of transport and accommodation. You can book the vehicle online before you arrive in town. That way, you can enjoy such activities as pearl shopping in Broome’s Chinatown or visiting Broome’s Short Street Gallery. Chinatown, which is Broome’s main shopping district, features an interesting combination of Asian and colonial architecture.

At the Short Street Gallery, you can view extensive collections of Aboriginal tribal art that provide further insight into the area’s fascinating history. Naturally, if you are travelling by RV, you will want to tuck into the mud crab feast at the Brizo Restaurant or the well-loved eatery known as the Wharf Restaurant. If you are a foodie, this particular offering is a must-do activity. Make sure to savour the crabs with lashings of chilli. Catch your own crabs in a tidal estuary and have them prepared and cooked.

What to Do at Low Tide

As mentioned, you also can see dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point. This stretch of white-sand beach is only a 10-minute drive from Broome. The dinosaur prints are embedded in the point’s reef rock and can be seen at low tide.

Whilst staying in Broome, you also will want to stop in and browse at the town’s Courthouse markets. Mingle with the local crowd and browse the stalls for crafts, produce, and jewellery. You can locate lanterns, plates, painted glass, scarves, photos, and paintings in the marketplace.

RV Parks in Broome

Two recommended RV parks in Broome include the Broome Vacation Village Caravan Park and the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park. Book ahead, especially at the Roebuck Park as it is a very busy site. The Roebuck Park is the only RV park situated on the waterfront. It is also closely situated to town.